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Dave, you're gonna love this one...

Dan South

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I'm heading into the office on the train this morning. I make my way to my seat, not paying close attention to the people nearby except to notice that a middle-aged African American gentleman was in the seat just behind mine. I didn't look at him closely, though.


Partway through the train ride - I'm working on my computer and shutting most everything out - I vaguely hear the conductor asking someone if people ask them whether they look like Miles Davis. (There was no reply.) I wasn't sure where the voice was coming from, and I figured that someone might have been making a joke. I went back to work and forgot about it.


As the train approached Penn Station, I stood up, donned my jacket, collected my bags and headed toward the door. Then I saw who the conductor must have been speaking to - it was the gentleman seated behind me, the one I'd noticed vaguely when I boarded. This time I looked at him closely, trying my best not to stare. He ABSOLUTELY looked like Miles. A dead ringer. The only difference was that he wore his hair in "mini-dreds". He was very dark, and he had that tight-lipped, serious face, lines in the skin around his mouth, the furrowed brow, and sorrowful brown eyes that could stare through you as though you weren't even there. It was SO spooky!

The Black Knight always triumphs!


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