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American Music Search Question /statement

Dan O

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American Music Search (AMS)through Baltimore Tuesday night . I took a CD of originals for someone to evaluate . Ok ....i was evaluated fairly and was "chosen " as having talent .

Out of 200 entries I saw . 70 were chosen .

AMS had inteview earlier that night as well .After being "chosen" , we move into another room at the hotel .

AMS offer's a weekend were record company executives listen to your tunes for possible

deals !

AMS operates out of New Orleans !

Cost $650.00 plus room at Marriot hotel ($150.00) and gas money .

Is it worth a shot to get your music heard ?

$650.00 is alot of money and many will not be able to afford this weekend . Hs anyone else had experience with this type of venue ? dano

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I don't know this specific company you speak of but BEWARE. I have received countless postcards and letters soliciting material, only to later find a huge fee asscoiated with the submission. I'm not saying it's an outright scam at all, or that they don't think you're talented, but before shelling out dough, you should be sure it's legit. People prey on musicians and their desire to be heard, signed, etc...Our industry isn't immune from con artsits...

It makes me angry to think how some of these rackets even get my name for their mailings. I don't know if it's off of magazine subscription lists, music store databases or whatever. $650 to be

heard no guarantees :confused:

Definitely ask around, even the BBB -

Better safe than sorry, you know?




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