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Clicks and Pops on recording


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Ok, now given that my platform is not really conducive to recording I'm wondering what I can do to take care of some clicks and pops I get when recording through the line in on my laptop. Something along the lines of buffers or something.


Program: Micrologic 4.8

CPU: Dell Inspiron 3500 PII 300MHZ 128MB RAM

Soundcard: crappy

OS: Windows ME




PS: I recognize the possibility that nothing can be done and I really should get a more capable computer.

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My unexpert opinion is that you might need a new rig...


However, I've never heard anyone speak highly of ME as an audio platform. Maybe you could load 98se and try your luck with that. There's also the issue of the crappy soundcard. Despite their name, Crappy has actually made some good gear over the years. They've suffered from the unfortunate association with shit...


Big questions, do the clicks and pops occur in arbitray places during playback, or do they seem to be recorded in the audio waves? If the former, it could be a driver issue (call Crappy tech support), or simply that you're overtaxing your processor, or...


Make sure that all background programs are shut off (esp. Fast Find, if it's there). Type "msconfig" from RUN and check out what's loading on startup. Almost all of it can be shut off, except explorer, and anything else that subsequently makes your computer crash.)


Also make sure, in control panel-->device manager--->hardrives that bus mastering is ENABLED for your hard drive. If it isn't, this could be the source of the problem.


Then again, I don't know ME at all, so these instructions might lead nowhere. (I don't know Me? Hmmm)


Good luck, and remember how cheap a powerful desktop is these days!! (sorry for all the misguided attempts at humor. I'm a little giddy/tired tonight)



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ME is just as solid as SE if not more. The biggest reason people have a problem with it is because it automatically installs some software without giving a choice in the matter.

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