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iBook versus PC laptop


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Neither OS has a clear advantage over the other nowadays. It's now basically whatever your preference is.


Originally posted by analogman1@aol.com:

Im considering getting a laptop for sequencing and running virtual synths live. Either an iBook or a PC.

Any thoughts/flames???



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PC user here, but I might prefer the Mac


The reason is that, although neither OS is more stable usually Windows machines come preloaded with a lot of crap you can never really get rid of, and usually the hard drives are formatted with small cluster sizes that limit you somewhat with recording (maybe half as many tracks as you could get with bigger clusters) If all this seams like nerd-speak to you then that is what I am trying to get at - Mac's are usually easier to set up for stable audio. That said you should know that you pay for that ease of use through the nose. If you know something about setting up PC's or know someone who does you'll get more bang for the buck that way. You would essentially need to format the beast and reinstall ONLY what you need. Then it should be rock solid and an audio powerhouse.



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