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Roland R-8 Drum Machine


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Just hoping someone might still be working with a Roland R-8 drum machine from the 80's.

I'm just getting into the R-8 which our buddy Dan South laid on me so I've initialized the unit and am learning the basics. Dan hadn't used it in years so he suggested that I post here.

My question has to do with setting levels and mixing . While working with the preset pattern "00' I was easily able to (1) hit the level button, (2) tap the desired drum pad, and (3) adjust the individual drum levels of that pattern. No problem and just like the manual indicated. However when I tried the same procedure with pattern "05' I was only able to adjust the hi hat and not the base drum and snare. Actually I also notice that the bass drum and snare sounds of this pattern are different from what I hear when I tap the pads. I went through all the banks and I can't seem to find those sounds nor can I adjust the levels I guess for that very reason. Any clues to what's happening.


Thanks again




P.S. You are right Dan these sounds still kick ass. Mucho gracias!!!

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Originally posted by lrossmusic:

That's just it I've got the manual. I wonder do they have a maunal for the manual. :D

Oh - you did say Roland, didn't you? :rolleyes::eek:


Actually, I am in the process of reviewing the Fantom for the nice EM folks right now...the manual is actually quite well laid out and pretty easy to understand.


Given some of the tomes that I've seen from them before, I'm kinda pleasantly surprised... :)





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