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Keyboard to Keyboard ???


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I'm planning to buy a Kurzweil PC2X( weighted keys ).

I also have a Korg i-serie keyboard with midi inputs and outputs.

Is it possible to use some PC2X sounds playing it with the Korg ?, because I play much Harpsichord and wanted to play the PC2 harpsichord sound ( much better ) but with non weighted keys ( Korg ) !


You tell me if it is a crazy idea or if it is possible ;-)


Thanks !!!

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Yes, to accomplish this you would run the {midi out} of your korg into the {midi in} of your PC2X and you should be ready to go! Two things to remember:


1. Set the {tone generator} in the korg to {off} so that the korg doesn't make any of its own sounds


2. Make sure that the Korg and PC2X are set to the same midi channel.


See your owners manuals for specific instructions on how to do these two things.



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nothing to see here guys.. move along ;)


Fala ai camarada! Que preço vc consegui no pc2x ai em SC?

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