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Hammond M1


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Solo Man,


My guess would be $150 to $500.


The prevailing wisdom on Hammond prices seems to be location, location, location. Here in Australia it would be worth a fair bit as any tonewheel models are rare - and no-one wants to ship one from areas where they are more prevalent (USA).


M Series are reasonably desirable - they really are a cut down B3. They have real tonewheels and valves (sorry tubes). Not sure about the other desirable items (scanner vibrato, percussion).


The place to look is:




Good hammond lists include:


hamster at www.zeni.net and

hammondzone at www.yahoogroups.com



Canberra, Australia


'66 C3, VK7, 01w

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You talking about an M100? Was there an M1? I don't think so.


There is an M3 or an M100. I have both. And they both have Perc and vibrato (as long as the tube preamps are in tact).


You can tap into the sound just off the tonewheels, but obviously better if the tube preamp is there.


You should be able to find a Leslie 145 somewhere, that would be a good match.


The M3 sounds pretty good, so does the M100. Sometimes when I have recorded them, or recorded the B3 . . and later forgotten . . I can't tell which is which in some songs.


What does the model number on the nameplate say? (it'll be on the back, down low.)

Oh yeah? That's fine for you, you're an accepted member of the entertainment community. What about me? What about Igor? Marginalized by Hollywood yet again. I want my Mummy . . .
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I believe the original poster is referring to the Model M, which was the first of the M line. He called it a Model M Console, but it would have been classified as a spinet. It had no percussion. The M2 added vibrato (not chorus). The M3 added percussion. With regards to the "balls", if you compare an M to a B, pull all drawbars and play a high C, you should hear that the M has less balls (some of the drawbars aren't sounding on the M in the highest octave). It's still a lot of fun.



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yo homeboys

there are 3 m series hammonds. first

is the model M. it was made by hammond from 1948 til 1952.it had no perc and no scanner vibrato/chorus.brand new the unit was 1285 usd. the second was the m2 which added selectable vibrato which was a cut down version of the scanner unit in the b and c series organs.it sold for 1350 usd and was made from 1952 til 1955 the last model was the m3 which addad the perc unit. all three organs had 7 drawbars for lower and 9 drawbars for upper. they all also sported a 12 inch speaker with an 11 watt power amp. the m3 sold for 1440 usd.contrary to popular folklore, booker t used an m3 to record GREEN ONIONS not its famous big brother u know who

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