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Harmony Central Sellers


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I've found a deal on Harmony Central that sounds too good to be true! According to the seller(subrosac@hotmail.com)he owns a Novation Supernova 2 that is one month old and is in mint condition. My problem is that he has it listed for $600, which is in a word CHEAP. What's you advice? I mean, what are the chances that it could turn into a bad deal? I've emailed the seller and asked for pictures, but to me it really doesn't matter if there's a few minor scratches or something here or there. So, have any of you had any bad experiences buying from the classifieds at harmonycentral?
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I agree. How many times have you read or heard that if it is too good to be true, especially purchasses on the Internet, it IS too good to be true. If after purchase you need to send it in for repairs, don't expect to get it back.



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On the other hand, I bought my Yamaha CS01II on Harmony Central. The seller said it was in "great" condition, and the price was $200. I desperately wanted one, couldn't find one anywhere, so I jumped on it. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I receive a MINT condition board, and with the ORIGINAL BOX in great shape! And this little board is my absolute favorite, so much fun.


On the whole, though, Harmony Central freaks me out. Alot of people aren't getting their stuff, or their money. And they tell you, don't deal with somebody who only gives an untraceable hotmail account, and doesn't volunteer a phone number. What kind of legitimate seller wouldn't want to be forthcoming from the outset?



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I've bought several things from Harmony-Central sellers without trouble. Honest people sell off their stuff cheap all the time, they either lose interest, want something different or need the money. Maybe they got it cheap themselves, maybe it's already paid for itself in the value of their work so resale value isn't critical, maybe they just want to cut their losses and move on.


Use on online escrow service. This guarantees that you won't be out the money without getting the gear. Escrow.com is an example.


If you're still concerned:

If it's a business, check for a business license and complaints at the better business bureau.

Get a home or work phone number.

Be extra cautious with email accounts that are easy to get and then discard, such as hotmail.

Get a photo showing the gear in context, and another showing a closeup of the serial number. Do Google web and group searches for anyone saying that serial number has been stolen.


Be sure to pay for insured shipping, and talk with the seller about how they will safely pack it.

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