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Successful Gigastudio configs in practice...


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A while back, while reading someone's Ultimate Bulletin Board, I came across a thread where people listed their hardware configurations for Gigastudio, and made comments on how things were working...


This would be extremely useful to me at present. Does anyone have a pointer to the thread?


I thought it might have been on www.northernsounds.com, but I couldn't find it there.





PS if you could email me at whynot@well.com it'd be great; I'm travelling the next couple of weeks.

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Kip -


Thanks for posting that. But, you know, I have already looked at all the obvious sources, including that one.


What I'm looking for is a list of various configurations of MOBOs, processors, soundcards, even cases and ram, that have been used successfully by professionals.


This list could be gleaned from any of the Nemesys, northernsounds, or TASCAM boards, by anyone who has 100 hours or so to surf the net and compile text.


But I know I've seen a thread that contained posts by various different GS users, that amounted to a list of various different and successful configurations for the Giga system.


I just can't find it in any of the obvious places.


I don't want a Soundchaser system. I would like to use someone else's custom-built system as a model for my system. And I'd like it to be very, very inexpensive.


There are a few issues with compatibility between specific audio cards and MOBOs/processors that I'd like to be aware of before I place my order at Fry's.




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Could it have been here?




This is a site I came across when figuring out the most "surefire" setup to put together for audio. Don't use Giga, but I noticed the Giga users are here and knowing that it has the reputation as a demanding application, I read their stuff. (After a lot of looking around, I wound up getting a very conservative pre-made system from Thomann music that's not the state of the art but is very solid).



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