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Any kurzweil k2000 k2vx owners?


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Originally posted by michielxp30:

Hi everybody,


How does the k2000, k2vx sound? Which expansion is worth the buy?


Goos clavinets, e piano's?



thanks Michiel


Today it sounds a bit dated (it came out in -92, IIRC) but you have a very good engine to work with to alternate your sounds.


Add RAM to max and get a CD-rom drive, and buy the CD's you'll see fit.(preferable in native format)

There are many sounds on the net to download also.

I use a program called "wav2krz" which let you convert .wav to .krz so you can sample on your computer and load these to your synth. (I don't have the sampling option)


I don't know if it's the same rom-boards to K2000 as there is to K2500 but the Piano, Orch and Contemporary boards is a big improvment.


There is a dedicated forum for kurzweil, where you can get answers for almost everything you like to know.



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Originally posted by michielxp30:

How does the k2000, k2vx sound? Which expansion is worth the buy?


Is it a good buy? Depending on what you want from it, and what you have already.


If you just need sounds, depending on what you have already, it may not be a good option. If you just run thru the presets and compare it to another synth, it may not be the 1st choice.


It's an incredibly powerful machine, and you can do just about anything you want with it. If you like tweaking sounds its a must. The kurzs also have a couple of 'hidden' features that you don't learn to apreciate unless you've used one. There's a lot of little quirks on my synths that I've noticed were not present in the k2k, which shows a well thought out O/S.


There's a ton of great sounds available, and I think the presets don't do justice to what the machine can do. It's definitely a synth you have to spend some time with.


Also, I think there's something about the sounds that let them 'sit' in a mix well. I don't know what it is, it just is so :) The effects processor is noisy, and not that flexible. But it (at least the rack version) has multiple outs, so you have an option of running it thru an effects processor.


I will say this, if you run this synth dry and compare to a lot of other synths run dry also, the picture changes - the raw sounds are a lot better in the k2k.


Responding to your question about the sounds.

eps - I still use my cs6x or qsr (vintage keys) for this.

clavinets - cs6x


I use mostly for synth sounds. I have some samples of vintage synths which I use quite often with it (old obies, junos, moogs, arps, etc)


Also check the prices of the expansion options. They are quite pricey. Better to look for a used one with them installed already.

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