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New Red Sound Synths

Colonel Taylor

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I've noticed that many people have discounted the Darkstar, but I find it interesting that Red Sound is soon going to offer a new synth based upon it...and a keyboard version of the Darkstar. The thing must have been popular enought!Pretty darn interesting...I wonder if the keyboard version will be expandable.


Here's the link to the story:



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I think it looks pretty cool, definitely a good price. Didn't the original darkstar come out the same time as the quasimidi and rave-o-lution? Those all kind of fell by the wayside b/c more powerful analog modelling boards came along like the access, nova and waldorf. This could compete with the novation k station or ms2000 - they all cost about the same and have similar featues. BTW, did you add this sonicstate hyperlink to Geoff's (SOAPBOX) thread for cool links? I never saw this site before and thought others may appreciate it too.



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