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trying to help our keyboard player º¿º


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Hoping for some help here - our keyboard player is having a hard time coping with trying to cover some guitar parts

on a few cover tunes we do, I mentioned an article I saw years ago in a keyboard magazine about adapting guitar type chords and nuances to keys - any info. along this line would be great - a website,link, book, anything !!

He's got some excellent gear that I'm sure is capable

of producing these parts if he gets headed in the right direction ! all help will be Greatly appreciated.

I'm Todbass62 on MySpace
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He needs to cover Rhythm guitar parts mostly, Electric

strums - chords, acoustic the same.

We play Classic/Alternative rock covers and some originals & not all of our tunes have Keyboards, but those that don't usually have two guitars , We'd like to see him cover those parts rather than not playing at all !

He just got a Triton that I'm sure is sample capable -

is this the way to go ???? and are there any real time playing tips, ie. chord structures - inversions etc... that

help sound "Guitarish" .(is that a word ¿?)

Thanx for any help !

I'm Todbass62 on MySpace
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This probably isn't the solution you're looking for (so please accept my apologies), but I would suggest that it's time for your keyboardist to learn a few simple guitar chords, so he can play that instrument on songs that don't have keyboard parts.


IMHO every keyboard player (at least in genres that feature guitars - rock, blues, country, etc.) should know his/her way around a guitar. You don't have to be good enough to be a "real" guitarist, but one should at least know the basic open and barre chords, which string is which note - enough to play simple rhythm/support guitar parts. Even though I *suck* as a guitarist, I find the knowledge very valuable - it helps me relate better musically to my guitarist bandmates, it's useful for songwriting (I'm usually more comfortable writing rock/pop songs on guitar than keyboard, even though the latter is my main instrument), it's a fun instrument to play, and it's allowed me to avoid the problem you're having right now by playing an occasional rhythm guitar part onstage :) .

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