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Vermona DAF-1


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Well I've been monkeying with the Vermona DAF-1 all day.





It was very inexpensive- even as an export to the US I think it's only about $325, even less expensive here. It's built very solidly, looks and feels very nice. Well what can I say? It's a real sweetheart, and it has CV- in. You know what that means- the first tiny step on a road to hell paved with good inventions.


Anyway, it's solid and sounds quite noble. It certainly brings out the zhu-nuh-say-kwa in all kinds of sounds. Worth checking out if you're into that kind of thing!



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In the Eighties there was a synthiband (duo) wich was called DAF. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundshaft.


The pride of my country used to be DAF. A automobile company. They made small cars with a unique transmisson: CVT. Continue Variable Transmission. No steps, just a linear automatic transmission.

Today, DAF produces only trucks.

:keys: My Music:thx: I always wondered what happened after the fade out?
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