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Want to buy: Non-working K2000


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Sorry to post this to a discussion forum, but maybe someone out there can help me out.


I recently had a Kurzweil K2000 all but destroyed in shipping - well, the exterior was destroyed...fortunately all the keys, electronics, hard drive, and buttons all still work, but the outer shell was just shredded.


I took it in to be repaired and I have been waiting over a month for the new shell to arrive...I just found out today that the parts are on back-order from Kurz. Japan, so who knows how long that's going to take.


Anyway, in an attempt to advance this process, I'm looking to buy either a stripped-down, basic, no-extras K2000 that I can transplant parts into; or a non functioning K2000, K2000VP, or K2vx; or, on the bizarre off-chance that someone has (or knows of) a spare K2xxx outer shell for sale from somewhere, that would be fine too.


Again, I'm sorry to have to post this to a discussion forum (and I'm not real optimistic that someone'll have what I'm looking for) but maybe someone out there will have what I need.



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