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Originally posted by soapbox:

steadyb, I'm sure you're right. I really haven't explored the site. It's just that I found the warning on the front page a bit foreboding, and yet amusing at the same time! ;)


Yeah, I follow it pretty regularly (part of the gig), and there are some useful tips passed back and forth, but some of these guys will go on for days about a feature that isn't exactly to their liking or is perhaps done differently in a different program, to the point that you really start to wonder ...



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I was holding off because I thought these should all be music related, but it seems to be mostly music and some other goodies in between. My favorite MAC site:


Great electronic music sites:



A great org. dedicated to freedom of thought



(MeccaJay, your links are great!)


We should keep this thread alive, it's making my day at work fly by!



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Originally posted by nelz:

(MeccaJay, your links are great!)




Thanx!! Glad you like 'em. There are other's, but they may not be so.....er....appropriate.


I figured everyone would at least dig the John Vestman Mastering site if they havent seen it before, I know I've learned a TON from it!


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TROLL . . . ish.
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This keeps me entertained for hours:


Kiss This Guy : A huge database archive of misheard lyrics.


One of my favorites is the dude that thought the Stones' "Beast of Burden" went like this:


"I wouldn't pee if your feets were burnin'"


Check it out...you'll love it.


- Jeff

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Kip, I know you as a helpful member of this forum; but I have to ask that you not post links here that promote your products. I can understand how the title of this thread seems like an invitation to do that very sort of thing; but I made remarks to counter that impression on page one of this topic, in my response to Deadsy.


I'm sure your samples are great, and even I believe that your links would be more helpful to the members of this forum than Deadsy's. However, people who post here registered their opinions about self-promotion in this thread . I think it's important that we honor those wishes.


Kip, as I wrote to Deadsy, I wish you all of the luck in the world. You obviously have done a lot of work. I'm sure you just misinterpreted what I was looking for.





Enthusiasm powers the world.


Craig Anderton's Archiving Article

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I came across this yesterday... Korg Wavestation patch archive




I haven't had a chance to check them out yet though. Seems to be fairly comprehensive, including some stuff that used to be for sale and now is being distributed.

Korg Kronos X73 / ARP Odyssey / Motif ES Rack / Roland D-05 / JP-08 / SE-05 / Jupiter Xm / Novation Mininova / NL2X / Waldorf Pulse II


American Deluxe P-Bass, Yamaha RBX760

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Thanks Rod!


Great site. Now perhaps I will start using the rack Wavestation A/D again...


I'll give you some links in exchange:


1. (it's totally useless, but in a wicked way, sort of entertaining), ladies & gentlemen, here's the the snow dick gallery !


2. London Transport


3. History of Pop




[ 02-09-2002: Message edited by: mats.olsson@rockfile.se ]


What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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The actual url for this is:



though I hate reading tab - give me notes on staff any day.



Originally posted by kcbass:

[Q]This one is for guitarist, but the theory still holds, especially if you can read guitar tab. I spent about two hours here coping articles and links. Casey



[ 02-10-2002: Message edited by: coyote ]

I used to think I was Libertarian. Until I saw their platform; now I know I'm no more Libertarian than I am RepubliCrat or neoCON or Liberal or Socialist.


This ain't no track meet; this is football.

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Do you want your PC to have the look and feel of a Mac? Personally, if I buy GigaStudio, I'd love to have it look and behave as if it were operating under Mac OS. So, I did a little research. Here's what I found:


1) MacVision : is an expired beta that apparently was pretty popular before it expired. The software can only be used if one is willing to reset the PC's date to before December 2000. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the author has neglected to update the website and provide usable software. Not a good sign...


2) WinMac : It has the look, but apparently not the feel of Mac OS. A skin, perhaps?


3) This one looks promising. Object Desktop : is a suite of desktop tools that lets you completely transform the look and feel of Windows. Object Bar (included) can be made to look and feel like the desktop interface of any OS (Windows, OS/2, Linux, MacOS, QNX, Amiga, etc.).

Enthusiasm powers the world.


Craig Anderton's Archiving Article

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