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pop star survivor pool? LOL


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Mariah will appear at Super Bowl this weekend, as I see it, it can fire both ways - harder to predict than Rams vs Patriots IMO.


So, better safe than sorry, I'll pick Whitney first.

I honestly don't think that she will survive another 6 months (literally speaking).





What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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I'll pick Whitney first

Don't think you'd see it in sweeden but did anyone in America see Mad Tv Saturday? They did the most brutal skit on her supposed crack addiction. Downright mean, but funny as hell.

The fact that Mariah is on her way out just proves how record companies and payola/promotion work. She's not so mighty divorced from Tommy Matola is she? You can never tell who is on the way out because there are so many one hit wonders. I'd vote for all those cheesy ass nu-metalers. Is the Latin thing over yet because Shakira really rubs me the wrong way...I actually didn't know her an Christina Augilara were two different people until quite recently. 'Pop music' and Popular culture is a reflection of the 18-25 crowd. It's a myth perpetrated by advertisers. Follow the money....



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based on album sales, i'd love to say it's michael jackson. but after a few more years he'll score another $50million in beatles royalties and make another album.


what about celine?????

a few years ago when all these famous people like lady di, mother teresa and john denver died, i was wondering who would be next. magpel, i reckon jerry lee lewis may depart soon. maybe elvis then.

i'm tired. sorry.





i have reverted back to blonde hair for a while, not red.

"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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