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no read no write


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For those of us who do not read nor write music, are there programs out there which write the music for us as we compose "intuitively", or after we finished sequencing all the parts???


I've come accross a midi program called: Anvil Studio, it notates for you as you play in midi. Which is great. Still learning it. Downloaded it free from downloads.com.


Are there more integrated ones out there?






peace out.

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there are a lot of programs that will do that. Most of the major sequencer have notation capabilities built-in. MOTU's freestyle is supposedly more "intuitive" as far as being able to print out what you play in a format that's easy for other people to read with out much work on your part.


The problem with all these things is that if you can't read music, it's impossible to to verify that what prints is what you played. For instance, if you play something with a very loose feel, the computer could interpret it in any of a number of ways. When you print it out and give it to someone to play, what they play back could be drastically different than what you played (quantizing everything usually helps with this problem).


also, i've seen automatically-generated scores that are technically correct, but not always written int he most logical way -- and this can be confusing to read.


So yes, there are lots of programs to do what you want, but none of them will do a perfect job without human intervention.



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