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What's the go with Korg M-1's?


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i've noticed sort of recently that some people still use korg m-1's. is there anything special about them, like is the touch good, or do they have so kickin' sounds other old synths don't? please shed some light....




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We still have an M-1 in our studio (as well as a lot of other instruments), it does not get a lot of use anymore but it is in active duty.


We have lots & lots of cards (including the entire valhalla gold series and most of Korg's). Even though it is not very much you can do to alter sounds, some of those sounds are spectacular and very good for real life use.


Then, on the other hand, when this M-1 dies beyond repair, it will probably not be replaced by yet another M-1...





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I guess for me it is like first love!


Having spent most of my youth building and discarding synths and pianos, the M1 was the real thing.


Like a favourite old leather jacket - you never can throw them out. My M1 has been dropped, gigged, expanded, reprogrammed, etc etc never never gives any trouble.



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well i've had it for about a year (my first synth since I'm in a band...)

well some buttons don't work when i press them but it can be repaired. a month ago I had a problem of not working when cold but - I took it to a friend of mine's father who is a technician, he changed the main condensator inside and now i have no problems :cool:

So now I really like it, especially when playing live the sounds are quite cool (with some tweaking it's possible to create quite realistic sounds for playing covers)

Sure it's not *extremely* good, but for its money I doubt I would be happier with anything else

I'm thinking now of buying a p-80 for piano sounds&touch, but i'll keep the m1 as the second synth (since I don't have money for something better)

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I've got the old black beast too. Mine has some problems: a button that don't work, a broken headphone jack, and the keys don't quite have the same "spring" to them. The Triton apparently uses the same keybed, and it feels great. Maybe the M1's springs have weakened from taking a pounding all these years?


The output is also very noisy. It has a low end "buzz" that seems to be the loudest when the volume slider is at the halfway point. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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