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How to isolate keyboard parts to learn


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I'm a guitarist trying to learn keyboard/piano. On piano, I can peck around, play chords and read music (slowly). In the short run, I want to learn, say, 10 songs on piano. In a month, two months max. I don't envison myself learning Boogie Woogie style piano in that time period. But when I hear, say, a slow ballad... and I pick out the chords... C-Am-F-G... I can play that and sing to it and sound decent. But on the recording, the pianist is obviously playing a few notes now and then other than the notes comprising those chords. What would be the easiest way to learn the song... with the notes (riffs) which add color to the song?


I could hire a keyboard player who is good at this to teach me the songs I pick out. That might work. What do you think? And can you think of another way? Is there any software or device that would isolate a piano part in a song and play it back and show me the notes? If I could do that, I could quickly learn these songs good enough to do them adequately.


Sorry for my ignorance about gear and such.


P.S. Gear: I have a Yamaha PSR740 workstation.

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