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best recorders?


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I'm thinking about buying a digital multitrack recorder soon

to produce some demos and project stuff. I plan to record a

vocal ensemble of about 9, and I want to use three tracks

simultaneously. The music will be primarily sequenced. I want

to spend around a grand (or a little more), and since I'm

a multitrack newbie, user friendly interface is real important. I know Zoom has some models out, as well as the

big three (Korg, Yamaha, Roland). Any suggestions?



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Until recently, I used a Roland VS-880 EX 8 track deck, and I LOVED it. The current model, the 890, can be found for $999, with the optional CD burner for $599, External SCSI. It's VERY easy to use, quiet, powerful and flexible. My 880EX and burner are for sale, email me if you'd like more details, together they come in under your budget.


I now use a Korg D1600 16 track, and it's mind-blowingly good. It has a DOS compatible file format, and can export WAV directly to the internal ATAPI CDRW to move individual tracks to the PC for assembly and mastering.



Phil "Llarion: The Jazzinator" Traynor


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The problem you will find with most of the 8 track models is that they will only record 2 tracks at a time, and since you want to record 3 that may be a bit of a problem. If I had to recommend a recorder in your price range I would recommend the Fostex VF-16 or the newer version of this recorder with the built in CDR drive. You can record up to 16 simultaneous tracks in uncompressed 16 bit, 44.1 KHz audio. I've looked it over and it looks like it's a pretty good unit. There was a review in Keyboard a few months ago.



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Thanks guys for the feedback. Llarion, I'm waiting for this

credit card to come in the mail, so I don't know when I'll be

able to buy your equipment. But email me at aohoward@prodigy.

net to let me know what you're asking, cuz' it sounds like a

good deal. My financial aid loans are coming soon. . .although

I'd feel guilty using that money since I have a new baby girl

(born on the 16th). But then again, music is my passion. . .


P.S. How do I get those instant graemlins on here?



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