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Does internet really give us a break?


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i doubt it

i still belive in the same old way of sending music to labels

get signed in order to reach stardom

Is there one successful artist right now who got a break from internet?

or are we just daydreaming and fooling ourselves that one day

labels will pick us and buy our FREEMUSIC?

i saw some mp3.com artists gaining millions of hits for their mp3 being played

but they really got paid for their hard work?

please tell me thnx

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This is just my opinion, but as mp3 sites are right now - I'd say no. At least not the 'big break' you're looking for. Artists do have successful sites with downloads, info, interactive flash, etc...but that coupled with years of hard work and touring is how they likely got their name.

Maybe when everyone has a high speed connection will mp3 sites make more sense.

Or when no one cares about liner notes, cover art, studio players.

But me? I'll still take a cd, fresh from my corner store and pop it into my disk player over a download any day. You can read the lyrics, get insight about the band - and it's yours.

But Mp3 sites are still in their infancy and still in flux - so who knows if they'll flourish in years to come.

But if you're thinking you'll get rich from a 'record deal' -think again. First off, no major that I know of will even accept unsolicited demos. You'll be tossed in a pile of trash no matter how amazing you are. So unless you're a great live act that's been scouted, or have big tits and blond hair and look slutty in an innocent way - you'll have to at least start on the indie route. My buddy has released 3 cd's on a nyc electronic label. They press 2500 per disk and retail at $15. So you'd figure he'd see $37,500 by now. But his label uses the profit for ads, production and promotion - he's hardly seen a dime. He doesn't complain though, he just wanted the satisfaction of seeing his disk reviewed in magazines, advertisements, etc...

But at least his name is out there and maybe one day he will make money off of his craft.

I am with you on one point. I send out my demo the old fashioned way too - not ruling out a web site, or self pressing in the future - but I would like a label to do the leg work for me. However, I know I'll likely have to keep my day job for years to come regardless.

Don't hold your breath waiting for that big break when others are out their working their asses off, you know?




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well when i finish the demo's i'm working on, i will post them on a website for people like yourselves to listen to. then i'll burn them to cd and off to the labels they will go. really - how many people have mp3.com sites?


also - what type of music do you want to score a break with? most of the major labels' A&R pages i've been to still ask for a demo to be sent to them.


pray for peace,


"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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i just had a quick listen to a few of your tunes. though it's not my personal style, they are very creative hey. did you use some sort of eastern influence in the toxic one? the effects and placement of them you use are great too.

yes i will be letting everyone know when i have some of my songs up.


pray for peace,


"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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