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How do I get those B-52 keyboard sounds


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Find the cheeziest Farfisa sample you can get. For software, I think the Native Instruments B4 virtual organ now has Farfisa tones. For hardware, a used E-Mu Vintage Keys module might have the organ sounds you need.


Now you can cover "Watching the Detectives" too (though that might have been a Vox Continental).

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Assuming you already have a keyboard, you could probably get a module that meets your needs.


One solution that comes to my mind (since this is part of my setup) is a qsr with the vintage synths and vintage keyboards card. Check on ebay, this stuff should show up fairly often.


Something like of the roland modules could meet the needs too (jv1010/1080) for instance, with some cards.. I'm not too familiar with them, but I know there's a 70s keyboard roland board for these series.


There is no such as a card that fits different keyboards in a wide scale(other than stuff from the same manufacturer, like the roland boards).

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