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I'm back!


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You probably don't even remember me, I haven't even posted that much as to be remembered. But I stopped posting because the board did not accept my user password anymore. I wrote more than 5 long replies to posts that were lost when clicking on the add new topic button, because it said my password was wrong. I got very frustrated and finally stopped visiting the board.


Recently I visitted the board again, and decided to email the webmaster... and it turned out that it was some kind of forum-bug. He has fixed it and now my account works again!! You "keyboard cornerers" are lucky I don't have much time these days, else I would start replying to all the topics I have missed these months and then more bugs would appear. Finally, the forum would explode and we would have no place to post. (¿?)


This message is absolutely meaningless for you, but I was so frustrated, that now I want to know how does it feel to post!!! I DON'T REMEMBER! So please excuse me for starting a topic on such stupid thing, but I needed to.


Greetings and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


PS- I'm about to push the add new topic button... I'm nervous... I'm nervous...

= blue =
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Yeah moving to the new software was a frustrating experience, and I'm still not sure why the powers that be decided to do it. I know that a lot of people had troubles during that time, and a number of folks had to change their handles in order to regain access. I wonder how many visitors left the site never to return...


Anyway, I'm glad you're back.


Welcome back Blue

Enthusiasm powers the world.


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I'm BLUE a-ba-dee-a-bah-di, ah-ba-dee, ah-baa-dee ah-ba-di


(know that song)


hello, my name is Kendall. i'm 24 and from the best city in the world - Bris Vegas in australia. i believe that praying is the answer to everything, including getting new keyboard rigs..... :D :


pray for peace,


"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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Thanks for your answers, I did not think this topic was going to get any! Thanks for welcoming me back, Soapbox, kcbass (you also welcomed me the 1st time, I still remember!) and jimbyboy (yes, I prayed to fix my account trouble... I prayed to the al-mighty god known as "rkudyba" :D ).


Thanks also to Chris100 -- btw, my silence at TritonCentral is due to different reasons. I got upset by some attitudes. Anyway I still visit the board regularly, but I don't feel like posting there or trying to help anybody and end up feeling like an idiot. Anyway I guess that, eventually, I'll post again.

= blue =
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