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suggestions for nice natural sounds


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i'm looking for suggestions for a nice natural sound..

im doing primarily industrial but i do others as well, and i need a FEW really good nutaral sounds. i tried and liked both the sounds and feel of the Roland RD-700, but thats to much money for the limited amount of use itll be getting.

does the xp-30 have the same level of natural sounds?

what about the RD-100?

any suggestions for cheap keys/modules?


mainly good grandish piano (like radiohead's pyrimid song) and string samples will be my #1 goal


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Consider the XV-3080 from Roland. Rack mount, half the price of the 5080, and the studio card has some very nice natural sounds. Probably the best bet for natural sounds at a low price. That and maybe the Kurzweil PC2 Rack. There are more ROM's available for the Roland.
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