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belated winter vacation thread


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hello people,i missed your witty banter!

i just got back after 2 weeks vacation from school (not a differnt place or anything, i just dont use the internet at home) and had a enjoyable winter break but find myself tired now...


anywho i was wondering what ya did...

any interesting vacations in the keyboard crowd?

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yep, coren is a sartan,

there are sartans and patryns (haplo and xar are patryns)

there are advanced human races that can cast powerful magic.

the consider themselves demigods, and aside from them there are elves, humans (with "regular" magik) and dwarves.

them live in a world thats actually ours but a couple hundred years in the future (after a nuclear bomb, of course :D )

and everything is back to old time becaus of said bomb.

the sartans and the patryns fight alot, so the sartans locked the patryns in "the labrinth" and sunderd our world into four parts.


7 books, the death gate cycle. by mageret weis and tracy hickman. i like them, so i use the names.

hehe now ya know :)

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