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Software Crashes on Hardware Synths


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It happened again last night! I was playing the intro to Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" on my Nord Lead, its two chords (F#m to Em) that swell slowly and cut off abruptly, but this time they didn't cut off at all, just kept playing! I had to kill power and "reboot", as it were, and all was fine (thank goodness it didn't happen in the middle of the song!).

My Kurzweil PC-88MX will occasionally lock up, no sound or response to the buttons, until I cycle power. I've never had this happen on my Yamaha EX-5 (during performance; programming it is FULL of bugs and another thread). What experiences have you folks had; do you have a keyboard that is particularly reliable/unreliable?


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My E-mu XL-7 has a few bugs they are are working on them and releasing frequent bios updates. I think the biggest problem is the ease that you can overload the processor. You can program patterns in to the machine that have up to 16 channels. The pattern definitions contain midi data including notes, patch change information and effects. Changing patterns on the fly can cause it to pause while all the program and effects settings are changing. Not good in live situations.


Roland Fantom has an odd bug with presets that are mono leads with glide. If you hold down a low key, then hit I high key the glide will stop at 2 oct plus 1 1/2 setps. This does not happen on shounds you program yourself, only presets.


Oh, and MiniMoogs have a bug that causes them to go out of tune when the air conditioning kicks on or when someone opens a door close by when it is cold outside.

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My PC88mx locks up on me sometimes too. Since I don't gig, I've never stressed about it too much.


The Yamaha CS6x had a bug in the arp which was fixed with a o/s upgrade. It's a pain to do it, but fixes the problem. It also locks up sometimes during bulk transfers.


Those are those only ones I can think off

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My old Yamaha SY77 would freak out if I put too much CC data in a sequence that used complex internal patches. It would freeze in place in the middle of a sequence. All the LED's would light up, all notes that were sustaining at the time would stick, and none of the buttons on the panel would work! :eek: Usually it would recognize its frozen condition, briefly show a cartoon character "apologizing" in the display, and reboot itself. Usually everything in its internal memory (including sounds) were flushed, so you had to re-load everything from disc.


My old Kurzweil K2000 would occasionally refuse to boot itself up when I first turned it on. All the LED's would go on, and the display would be blank. I got really familiar with the hard reset routine! Of course, this also flushed memory, so I always kept a few copies of discs with my gig programs handy.


FWIW, I haven't had any trouble with any of my Korgs yet. But now that I've said that, I probably will now! :D


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