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New A-33 keyboard owner: Can't play drum kits. Help!!


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If this is too basic for this forum, please tell me where else to post this question. I have not gotten a reply at Synth Zone.


I have an A-33 keyboard controller connected to a JV-2080 in my home studio, using Pro Tools LE on a Mac for recording. What I would like to do is set the A-33 Lower Section to channel 1 and Upper Section to channel 10. Then, I would play/record keyboard and bass patches on Lower and drum kits on Upper. I have stored a number of piano/bass patch and drum kit (Rhythm Set) addresses in the Patch Memories (CC00, CC32, Program Change).


The drum kit addresses often are identical to Patch addresses. I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that if I send the MIDI information over channel 10, the JV-2080 would then recognize it as a Drum Kit rather than a patch. This appears to be a bad assumption, since I have been unable to play a drum kit this way. I get only some lower keys to play anything; the middle and upper keys play nothing. I am guessing that I am playing a patch rather than a drum kit.


Maybe my problem is the setup of the JV-2080, somehow. I didn't think that it matters what I select at the JV-2080, since this would be changed when I send a message from the A-33. I have been just displaying a Performance on the 2080 screen.


Can I do what I want to do: store and select drum kits at the A-33? What am I doing wrong?




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