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New Proteus Keyboard, Emulater software.


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I received my copy of E-muletter online. Seems that E-mu is releasing a new line of Proteus keyboards based on the P2500. The three versions are PK-6, XK-6, and MK-6. I assume this is for the regular Proteus, Xtream Lead, and Mo-Phat. I remembrer wanting a Proteus keyboard because of the cool round buttons. Now I get a second chance. Wonder if they will still have those same round buttons?


They are also planning a sneak preview of their Emulator® Soft software sampler at Namm. I wonder how it will stack up against GigaSampler and Halion?

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Wonder if the new boards will include the sequencer, a la the MP7 and XL7. I'm also curious how much realtime control they'll be packing. Wonder whether three models are really necessary, rather than a single model with optional expansion boards. Or better yet, a single model with the Proteus, XL7, and MP7 soundset ALL included!


Number of keys, price... Hmmm... Should be interesting!

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