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Pre-amp for keyboards.


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I find stereo to be very problematic in small clubs too. Like for the folks at that table right in front of one speaker. A lot of times the sweet spot is none too big and you don't get the stereo effect outside of the sweet spot.


Some stereo sounds and effects are more useful than others in this regard. Ideally, if you just get one side, it sounds good, and if you get both sides, it sounds great. Something to look for when shopping stereo stuff. My MP9000 is pretty much like that. If you only hear one channel, you're pretty OK.


Definitely have a mono feed ready for the PA. The ability to do stereo and mono simultaneously is a big benefit for those who prefer to have a stereo rig on stage but need to send a bit of mono to the PA. Again, the MP9000 sounds all work beautifully in mono or stereo- sum the two stereo channels together and you've got a great mono tone. All effects, all tones. Cool! That's something I'd like to see/hear more often.



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