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Next Christmas.


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I have started my project for next Christmas. Too bad it was not ready this time. I thought I would share my idea because most people here have the means to do the same thing.


I have sent request to all my aunts and uncles for family pictures that they would like to share and immortalize. My mom and dad were each one of 12 children so this is a BIG project. I am also accepting sound files, even in the form of cassette tape. This can be someone playing music or someone speaking. If I can swing it I may try to come up with some video tape of family reunions and convert them to file. Then I will put everything together and use a web page editor to put it all together. Then next Christmas it will be distributed on CD to family members. The next year, I will send it out again with all the corrections I receive after the first publishing. Everything I need is already on my music computer. Scanners are cheap and I have a video card that will capture input from a VCR. A lot of family members have offered to help. I am just glad that I have final choice on which of my own pictures go into the compilation.


I encourage everyone to try this. It can be as simple as a bunch of scanned photos, to a full family history created with Dreamweaver. I have lost many aunts and uncles in the past few years and will never be able to pump them for family stories and history. Dont make the same mistake. Get it down and leave your kids a legacy. Make sure you include some music, or a video of yourself on stage. 20 years from now your children will really appreciate it.

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Cool idea. My mom has been working on some photo albums for me and my brother and sisters for over a year now. She's gotten together all kinds of pictures of family members past and present. She loves to use the photo kiosk at Wal-Mart now for making prints from prints easily, including enlarging, cropping, and restoring.


Anyone else with cool Holiday photo ideas?

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