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What do you think of?

Dr Teeth

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I demoed a Proteus 2000 and I was blown away. It's definetly a great 'swiss army type' synth, tons of patches and a good overall selection. If I was shopping for a module to cover many bases I would definetly look into it. I thought a lot of the analog emulation was actually quite good for a rompler.

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The Rs-9 is nice, but you need to keep in mind there is not

a lot to be tweaked so you really have to like the sounds. Proteus is also good choice and it's more tweakable. I,m lukewarm on the SP-88. It's sounds Ok but I just...I personally would take the Roland over it.



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I ad the RS5 for a week and took it back. Sounds didn't overwhelm me, though many were nice. No real editing to speak of. I bet the 2500 is a much more robust machine. The RS is a very good value at the price, but not kick-ass synths, IMO.
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