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Help please..... I have a stuck key

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One of the keys on my XV-88 is sticking. It's the D right above middle C. I think it's a fairly new problem... considering that D is a very commonly used key and I've never noticed this before. Basically, the key just doesn't come back up as fast as it should. It's no problem on staccatto or passing notes... but on things like legato passages and repeated notes... it doesn't trigger the second time. It seems like it only happens when the key gets to the very bottom of it's stroke; if I only push it down about half-way, it comes back up just fine.


Needless to say... this is a VERY big annoyance. And I have absolutely no clue how to fix it. I tried turning the keyboard upside down and then righting it again... but that didn't help. Does anyone have any suggestions short of keyboard surgery??? Or does the thing need to be opened up??


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not knowing much about keyboard repair the best i can recommend is taking in to a local music store for service..

or at least calling them to hear thier recommendations.

you never know, maybe they deal with sticky keys on a regular basis, expessially if they rent to kids...

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You have a unit with a piano type of action. Piano keys can stick. Just take in and have them unstick it. Are you still under warranty? If you are get the unit to the shop and don't worry.


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