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Sustain loop technique...


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Did anyone edit sample for piano?

I downloaded free Steinway soundfont from the Internet and I tried to edit its samples in order to reduce its size.

However, my sustain loops are so clicky.

Is there any tip regarding pointing sustain loops?

I worked on the free Stein soundfont overnight, but the result is so bad. Eventhough the font size reduced from 20Mbs to 2Mbs, sounds are stupid.

Help me.

I really want to know how Yamaha or Kurzweil guys make indistinguishable loops on their synthes.

thank you and Merry Christmas

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Its a long and tedious process and there aren't rules or easy solutions. :) Sounds like fun huh?


Kurzweil actually uses their own proprietary software to process samples and create sustaining loops. I would assume that other manufacturers have developed their own tools.


What software are you using?


I've always been very pleased with the loops that I've done using Sound Forge. If you're unable to find a natural loop point, you can use the Crossfade looping tool.

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