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Triton Patchlist for OMS


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Hello, can someone explane to me how to add Triton patchlist informaiont to OMS. I'm struguling trying to get a friends Triton to work in my studio. I will eather be using Digi001 or Digital Performer 3. Any sugestions would help. I have down loaded the Triton patchlist and put it into the Systems Folder/OMS Folder/Factory Names. It does not show up in the OMS program. Please! ray
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I use PT TDM, but it should be the same in 001.


- Go to Setups -> OMS Names...

- Find the Triton. Click on the cell next to Triton (patch name document).

- Go to Name (one of the main Digi menus) -> Subscribe

- Locate the patchlist

- Hit OK.


It should now show up. Note, when you select the patches on the specific MIDI channel assigned to the Triton you might have to select the Bank button at the top-right (it will be set to none).



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