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Cakewalk 9.0 Pro Audio Ghost Tracks


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Sometimes when I Started up Cakewalk It records tracks without me even arming the tracks. When this happens the midi tracks aren't showing any data being transmitted. also this happens right after you select open a project at initial quick start menu.



Also has anyone evr had Cakewalk detune you instrument, or change patches without you telling it to during a midi recording.

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Not these exact symptoms, but related MIDI weirdness. One thing Cakewalk does frequently to me is this: I'll be tapping around on my keyboard before even opening Cakewalk. Then after it is open, it will play back all that tapping I did. Even hitting the reset exlammation point doesn't stop it.
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There's an option in the defaults that you can set so you can record without arming the track. Make sure you don't have that box checked.


As far as detuning, make sure the track is not sending the RPN (or NRPN, don't remember) message that you can use to detune. Most synths respond to this message.


As far as the patch changes, make sure you don't have messages in other tracks sending stuff to the synth.


John- the same happens to me. It seems like it gets stored in a buffer and just spits in out suddenly. Doesn't seem to be a big deal though :D


I've had some weird stuff happening to cakewalk, but it seems most often the synth is the culprit, but it's hard to tell.

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