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newbie needs advice on NI B4


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Hi folks.


I am desparately looking for the classic B3 sound and cannot replicate it with my Yamaha P-200 digital piano. I also have a Yamaha PSR keyboard. I'm new to MIDI.


I understand B4 is a software program, so my question is how I would get it to work for me.


I have a laptop computer, so I would have to use the USB from what I understand. But how would I get live performance from the B4? I'm not interested in recording just yet....maybe in the near future if the "bug" bites me!


Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I suppose I have to start somewhere...


I'm interested in the B4 and getting it to work for me because I have heard it is the best sound out there for that classic B3.


Thanks for any input/advice.



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Your laptop should have mini stereo outs from it's sound card. Get this feed to you amp/monitor/PA. Then you need USB to midi interface to play it from your P-200. Unless you get some sort of midi controller that will allow you to adjust you're drawbars, you'll have to work with the presets, which is not such a bad thing. You'll still have the best B-3 emulator going!




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Thanks Steve...


I understand.


I have been reading up on some of the B3 modules in addition to NI B4. Any experience with these? Oberheim OB3? Emu B3?


I'm looking for the best emulator, but also want as simplistic as possible....


Thanks again if you or anyone else has input.



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