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Steve LeBlanc

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...how good will these guys get?


...as good as their owner will let them.....doh!



actually, i think this is one of those years that they'll make the playoffs and get folks talking like LA has 2 real teams....iow, D.ip S.hit will wait until the summer run on season tix is over before once again ruining the Clips...

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I'm a bit more optimistic (though there's no excuse for the talent he's let get away in the past), I see this team staying fairly intact next year.


I'm a long time Clipper fan (gotta love the underdog), when I used to bet the spread a lot they always made me money. :)


I just love Basketball a whole lot and Clipper tickets have been more manageable ($$$) than Lakers so I've been to a bunch of their games.


Never seen them having so much fun though...

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