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Rick K.

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I have one and like it, but like the people in the other threads say, it's nothing ground breaking. The D beam placement can be annoying if you have the Fantom in a rig with synths over it and some people say cloudy vs. sunny days can play havoc with the d beam controller as well. I have mine out of the sunlight so don't have problems with that. Sounds are XV sounds and I think sound very good. Some of them are over effected, which happens a lot with Roland gear, but you can back them off and play around and get more usable sounds that don't muddy up in a mix. The groove box type features are interesting and it is definitely targeted in that way to the dance crowd. Good synth overall and a worthy successor to the XP-80 I think. I wouldn't get it though unless you would have been getting an XV or XP synth even if the Fantom had not been released, because there's not really anything that new or exciting about it.


Hope that helps,


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Originally posted by rickkreuzer:

Has anyone out there had experience with the new Roland Fantom? I like the specs, but haven't played one yet.


I played one briefly in a music store, I thought it was horrible-sounding. Grainy-sounding pianos with way too much cheap reverb, crudely velocity-switched Rhodes patches. I used to own an XP80, and to me the Fantom sounded worse than the XP80, although that might be just a negative impression, I haven't actually A/B'd them. The operating system is pretty awkward-looking to me. Case in point: the big screen has 8 'soft buttons' underneath. But rather than line the buttons up directly beneath their pixel counterparts, they made the button array wider than the screen. I wonder what brain-dead designer came up with that one.

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Conversely I think the Fantom sounds excellent. I've owned many JV synths beginning with a JV80. I still had a JV-1080 when I bought an XV-3080 so I had a chance to carefully compare JV to XV. The new XV synths are noticably cleaner, purer sounding than JV synths even with the same waveforms. Also, the SRV Reverb sounds MUCH better than the JV reverb, more transparent. One problem with the XV88/XV3080 is that most of the presets use the old reverb. You need to manually set them to the new SRV reverb.


I think the Fantom sounds great. I A/Bed it against a Triton which was right above it at GC and the Fantom sounded cleaner and more spacious. I think the XV-5080/Fantom and the Kurzweil PC2 series are a notch above all other PCM-based synths out there, sound-wise. They sound 24-bit, while the others sound 16-bit, IMHO.



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That was very nicely put and point -- i like hearing and reading good things about the Fantom, becuase i really want to know that i invested in a really good quality piece of equipent, like synths. Since they are sooooo costly.


I wonder though, if eventually in the future -- or even now actually, if one could download new patches and sounds straight to diskette? or atleast the settings to get you to the sounds you want quicker??? instead of having to program it all yourself taking over 5 years of your recording time! heeheehee...


I want to design my very own keyboard! Atleast just the look of it ofcourse *blushing giggles*. I wonder if one could sumbit it eventually and get a maker so enthusiastic about it that they pay you for the design idea??? That would be so grand! And not to mention so fun!!


This is a great forum to partake in, i'm really happy i found it!


happy holidays and keep warm all,




www.mp3.com/just_vi_an :)

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