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anyone from Phoenix??


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Sorry to post this topic. I just arrived in US and plan to stay until next year August. Because I am so lonely here without some music buddies to join, just hope that anyone from Phoenix will be nice enough for me to know you. I stay in Chandler, just next to Phoenix. Hope to hear someone.

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K.C., I am originally from the Phoenix area: I grew up in Tempe, in between Chandler and Phoenix. However, I moved to California almost 15 years ago. Back when I lived in Phoenix, the quickest ways to hook up with other musicians were:

1) Ads in the New Times classified section.

2) The KDKB Musicians Line (a telephone service hosted by radio station KDKB).

3) Ads posted on the bulletin boards and kiosks at Arizona State University.

4) At clubs with live music.


I'm not sure if KDKB still has its Musicians Line, but I feel confident that the other methods are still available.


Good luck,



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