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blow up a keyboard


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well i started it over in the anniversaries thread:


what's the worst thing(s) you've done to equipment that's not yours, particularly keyboards?


at a youth thing at my old church, one night i broke about 5 keys on my pastor's korg 01/W. that was sort of ok. about 1 month later i took the church's KORG x-3 to a youth camp. on the final night i got the keys solo i had been waiting all week for. it went for WAY too long, and as anyone does in a caffiene-induced prolonged keyboard solo, i resorted to endless keyboard-length glisses, which resulted in about 10-15 keys getting broken. i wasn't the most popular person when i got back . and i also managed to blow up a keyboard that belonged to a group touring from the US. our electricity runs on 240V over here. so i plug their keyboard straight into the wall. then the keyboard doesn't work. i didn't realise it ran on 110V.


when playing bass and singing at a high school gig, a friend of mine thought it would be funny to turn a strobe light on right in front of me on stage. very good idea, seeing i have epilepsy that is photosensitive-induced. as i go to angrily :mad::mad: kick the strobe, the cable running from the bass to a newly repaired peavey TKO bass amp (which is sitting about 3-4 foot above the ground) reaches its length. then i hear a very loud thud, and see the look of incredible shock :eek: on the face of the bloke who has borrowed the amp off someone. fortunately it didn't (thank God) get damaged, and i actually ended up being in a band with the other bass player, playing keys. and no i didn't have a seizure, though i did lay into my friend quite a bit.


so what have YOU done that will make us cringe? :eek:


pray for peace,


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I once participated in a winter street festival that ended up destroying a grand piano.


The piano needed to be moved from a public facility to a street corner, so the choir could have accompaniment. The front legs & pedals were removed (causing a fair amount of damage), and the rear leg w/ its tiny wheel was left hanging out the back of the van to roll in the street.


By the time the piano was moved 3/4 mile, then reassembled, it was a wreck. An hour later the choir came, and the director sat down to begin accompanying them.... of course the piano was hopelessly out-of-tune from the battering it had received. Horrendously out of tune in fact. Unfortunately it was NOT a professional choir - they were relying on the piano to find their pitch. What a mess.... furthermore, the temp was roughly -10 deg.F that afternoon. The trombone band couldn't play either because the spit would instantly freeze in the mouthpieces. A couple of guys actually got the mouthpieces frozen stuck on their lips! Not a pleasant day musically.


BTW - by the time the piano arrived back at its starting point it was nothing but garbage - totally destroyed.

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