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It was thirty-six years ago today (12/7/65) that I had my first piano lesson. As I recall, Jeff, TASCAM Guy had his first piano lesson six years later on 12/7/71 (thirty years ago today). Unfortunately, we share these anniversaries with the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (12/7/41); but at least it helps me remember to mark the occasion. (FWIW, I also have the same birthday as Phil Spector: 12/26.)


Do any of you have important music anniversaries, which you keep track of?

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i dont have specific dates, but i remember the "era's" :)

fall grade 7: took up bass

summer after grade 8: took up guitar

grade 10: music reached a connection with me

grade 11: started into recording technology

after graduating: my intrest in music turned from passing to professional

now im in recording college and im taking up keyboarding, in the fall once again.

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yes - beginning of october 1997 - i took my old church's korg x-3 to a youth camp and broke about 15 keys whilst doing a keyboard solo that went for WAY too long. about 1 month before that i broke about 4 keys on the pastor's korg 01/W. say anything about korgs???? :P (ooooo.....)


oh yeah - i also blew up a US group's keyboard by plugging it straight into our 240V system and i didn't know that US stuff runs on 110V. funny that i've never damaged any of my own equipment....... :confused: (that's what insurance is for..)


pray for peace,


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