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music samples (sound, originals) HELP


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Ey evryone... im kinda new here, actually my first time..

im in a band ( i play the keyboards) and we just got a break for an album recording... the thing is, im kinda aloof on what kind of sound my bandmates want to produce.. we play r&b/pop/rap on our gigs but they wanna produce something "different" in our album.. i wanna contribute but the thing is, i dunno what melody to start on when i compose.. Actually, i only started playing the keyboards when i was in college. Before that, it was all classical piano for me... that's also one thing why im havin' a hard time adjusting... (tho' ive been with them for quite a while and ive kinda gotten the hang of it unlike before).. im basically asking help in composing/arranging... anyone?

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