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How many of you produce trance?


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The project I am currently working on is sort of a dream trance/latin jazz train wreck. Yea, yea. I know, but I like it, and I am doing this soley for my own enjoyment. Anyway, I plan to post it once the project is complete.


Equipment that is making it into the mix:


Emu XL-7 (expanded)

Emu P2K (expanded)

Nord Modular Rack

Roland XP-5080 (expanded)

Korg Karma (expanded)

Roland Fantom (expanded)

Roland Handsonic

Roland SP-11 kit (for programing rhythms)


Software makint it into the mix:



Reason (just for creating some acid loops)


Reaktor 3

Pro 52

PPG2v (What ever the software version is called)



I am also running some things through SoundForge and Acid to apply effects. Acid allows me to map out multiple effects changes over time. I will eventually switch to Sonar for this type of editing and sound manipulation.

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