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Which sound module: Electribe EA-1 vs Yamaha AN200?


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The Electribe is $299 and the Yamaha is $399. The yamaha seems to have a few more features BUT the electribe got higher ratings. So which do you suggest? BTW, I'd either use it by itself to generate sounds or through my Yamaha PSR-38 with midi. I want to use it live in my pschedelic jamband. THanks.
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In my view the Korg will be a better choice if you want something funky and a little off the wall. The yamaha is more like a keyboard module built into a groovebox type of thing.

Now if you want an analog sounding synth module than get the Yamaha. I would say they are really for two different purposes. If you could swing it you might enjoy having them both.


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I went through your precise delema only a few short months ago. I ended up with the AN200. This was because I was able to consistantly create usable sounds in a short amount of time on the Yamaha, whereas the Korg was more hit and miss.


Plus the modeling engine on the AN200 is superior. This is coming from a Korg lover and former Yamaha basher.


Get the Yammy.



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