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I'm looking for a good software package that:

1)Records and edits loops that I load from sample cd's

2)Has a good selection of loops(library)

3)Is fairly simple to learn

4)Will allow me to import these files into my studio pc

5)Has good tech support

I'm thinking about either ACID,Cakewalk's Fruity Loops,or Recycle...Any tips???????


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i use all three :D

fruity loops is the easiest, but youll have more power with recycle/rebirth/reason or cakewalk itself


actually i found the best way to work with loops and samples is to use an audio program like pro tools or Cool edit pro,

just load the wav, put it where you want, just like LEGO!!

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I use Cakewalk to record.I tried loading samples into Cakewalk but the problem I ran into was, whenever I tried to change the pitch or tempo it threw all of my midi tracks off sequence.Is there a way that I can load a wave file from a sample cd that would make it easier to change pitch or tempo and keep my midi files in sync?


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Right now I'm using Cakewalk 8.01.I've been thinking about upgrading to Sonar but didn't know about the differences.If I upgrade to Sonar,and use Acid to create my loops,how do I import my song from acid into Cakewalk?I have Acid 2.0 but never really worked with it much because I had a problem getting samples to sync correctly.If I used Acid samples everything worked fine.But when I tried to load a sample from a sample cd that I liked,I couldn't get it to work correctly.Does Acid 3.0 correct this or did I do something wrong?


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