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Among a few other little quirks about the new Forum software, there's one that I find really annoying: When I am on a thread and use the Back button to return to the main page, the program reload the whole page every time, and sometimes it takes quite a long time.

I've noticed that on most other UBB-powered forums, it just takes the page from my computer's RAM - an almost instantaneous move. I believe this is a better implementation; if I need the "updated" page (with any new posts, etc.) I can always use the specific buttons at the begginning and end of each page. But when I use the Back function, I like it fast.

I think it's possible to change it; as I said, most other forums behave like this.


Webmaster? Dave? Cornerers?

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Sorry for the late response to this one...guess I missed it...


I've posed this question to the UBB makers, Infopop, and the only answer I always get is that this is a behavior that cannot be reliably controlled and differs in how it performs from server to server and browser to browser. Check out their response in THIS THREAD .

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Thanks for the response and the link, but I'm not convinced. I could quote four other UBB forums (and I'll do if you ask me) that always cache the pages. NOTHING is reloaded when I use the back button. I open them with the exact same browser and computer I use for this forum, and this is the only one that behaves like this (reloading every time). So what's going on?




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I asked the UBB developer that question TWICE in that thread and he repeated that the CAN NOT control BROWSER caching behavior...server caching is another thing...I have seen other UBB's that do NOT have this phenomenon and Netscape as well as most Mac browsers do not have this "problem" but I did read on the Microsoft support web site that this is an intended effect in IE. Why it's inconsistent from server to server I don't know--perhaps it's a setting on the server but I can't find it and neither can UBB support...


Here's a quote last year from another UBB developer:


Unfortunately the back button behavior varies from browser to browser on different platforms and computers. There is no reliable way to force caching, or to prevent caching for that matter.


Here's another thread at UBB Support Forums .


Bottom line: log in first and you won't have this problem and/or copy your post before submitting, e.g., on a PC, ctl-a (select all) then ctl-c (copy)...

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After a few attempts to write, and being timed out before the reply was made I can only say the posts are worth waiting for. The patient reponse of the machine I have, in effect,

resulted in an irregular pattern. So this does not happen again I shall leave for now, And remain inquisitive sas to what I was trying to say.


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