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MIDI and Mac


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Hi All,


I just bought the MidiSport 1x1, MIDI to USB, to connect my Powerbook G4 to my Yamaha S80. I'm using the voice editor application that comes with the S80 and not getting any sound out of the S80.


I'm not even sure if the MIDI stuff is installed properly. I have installed OMS 2.3.8 and running under the latest version of OS 9.


Any help in setting up would be appreciated.

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Does your S80 make sounds when it's NOT hooked to a computer?


Usually, when you're using a MIDI application, you turn off the "local" keyboard response on the synth. This setting is probably in a "Global" or "MIDI" menu; check your manual.


Then you have to enable something in the program to "echo" the notes back to your keyboard. This can be echoed on any of sixteen MIDI channels. Make sure that the channel that the software is sending is a channel that the keyboard is set up to receive. You may have to consult your manuals or documentation and look for a section that explains MIDI channels and the keyboard's response to various channels.

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