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Layered synths=layer cake?


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Which would rather you do given a couple grand. Get one do-it-all workstation type of synth or get several inexpensive synths and layer them?

A couple of things.... one, there are no prizes and two for the purpose of this scenario the use of used equipment is

strictly prohibited.

I'm sideing with layering the inexpensive synths in this one.

Now tell me what would you do and why. This question is subject to all local taxes and regulation and may be prohibited in Boca Raton and Des Moines.

:D Michael



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i avoided the rush!!!!! :rolleyes:


well it depends on what you're using them for. i would spend the few grand (how much is it) and of course, judging by my recent threads, buy a pc2x.


but.....if i already had a pc2x......?????? maybe a korg cx-3.

or maybe for the same money i could buy every model in the casio range, layer them all and still have a bad sound :P


pray for peace,


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I would get one GOOD keyboard first because of the difference in sound quality. After that you can start adding specialty modules.


If you dont need a keyboard and would be happy with modules only then look at what you are doing. For orchestration an Emu Virtuoso and a cheap but nice sampler would be great. For acid a fully expanded Emu XL-7 matched with a Korg MS-2000R would be hard to beat. There are a lot of nice, low cost modules that would be great for electronic music, but not very many for high quality natural sounds.

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If you have a keyboard that you already like the feel of, then why go pay for another one unless you must have to have it (like adding a Supernova II to your set-up-I wouldn't buy it without a keyboard)? I like having access to different sounds, and I already use a PC (for sequencing and sound editing), adding variety and flavor for me is as simple as adding a new module. With so many good ones available (both new and old), you can't go wrong with that option.

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I too would go for one good keyboard first because I find many times that inspiration needs readily accessible sounds, and if you have one user friendly synth that you really like it can save you headaches over trying to get whichever module up and working that you need. Right now I perform with a Yamaha S80 and I bet I will keep that one for years and just add modules onto it to expand its abilities. That said, there are the keyboards that you just have to have for their own sake.



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I would go for the good keyboard, the one that feels and sounds good. Why get two crummy ones.


If you want to show off how many boards you have at a gig, have a picture taken of the one you have, blow it up to life-like size so it casts a shadow on the real one, now your layered, and your set for the fake-out. :D:D


The folks in the audience would probably tell you that the sounds from that keyboard are FLAT!!


Kidding aside, get a good one that will last, you'll feel better about this in the long run.


My take.........


Jazzman :cool:

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