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...got a case of 'Fantom'...


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Warm welcomes all!!


Got a case of 'Fantom' or 'Fantom-phobia'? Let me hear it.


I'd like to know today, if anyone (especially programers) -- can tell me or share with me some info; if it is possible to add to my collection of sounds patches simply by downloading "Patches" from the web... The technologies allow for it -- when will it be available for us the loyal consumers of such major invested pieces of equipment?


I would like there to be a service for a fair price where you can pick and choose which sounds combos you want as PATCHES to your new Fantom, download 'em and send Roland a money-order. Instead of paying over $400.00 US/CAN etc etc, for a bunch of sounds combos in which you may only really use 2 or 3 sounds...


Better yet, if you know of a site which offers similar for FREE, let the world know...


From this silly girl to you, all the best and keep in touch kiddies!


Vi An


PS: come visit me sometimes at my music sharing homepage yall! :)

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