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Sept 11 ......Holiday ?

Dan O

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Hello to all ,

Is there a movement to make Sept.11th a national holiday ?

I received an email saying something about a " Firefighters" holiday to honor our fallen hero's . I believe Sept.11th should be a holiday . I do not believe it should be a holiday for retail stores to have "SALE" event. Just a Holiday to be with family and reflect .

Also .....my local newspaper is reproting that less than 4,000 people lost their lives . When I saw those planes hit and watched in horror as the WTC's towers fall ....I thought the count would of been over 10,0000 ..... Many people were saved ! God Bless us all ......Dano

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although i live half a world away, i believe there should be a memorial day of some sort in the US, and that in other countries there should be some recognition, ie. minute of silence etc.


you got an email about national firefighters' day? please check out:

Firefighters\' day


as i always say.......

pray for peace,


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Well, I'm not sure you see a lot of "Veteran's Day Sale" signs.


My own feeling is that the date will require no holiday. People still talk about Dec. 7, but there's no official "Pearl Harbor Day" holiday. We don't have a "Kennedy Assassination Day" (which would have been today, BTW).


Holidays usually honor positive events, or, if they do honor negative events, they honor them in a positive light..."Armistice Day", Nov. 11, 1918, became Veteran's Day. A sad day due to losses incurred during the war, but a happy day in that the war was over. We don't honor the Day Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, but we remember his birthday.

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Indeed Sept. 11 was a tragic day. But from what I`ve been hearing, there was over 370 terriost attacks a year world wide. Two or three Americans here, four or five of our allies there, pretty soon that all adds up to be a worst diaster than Sept. 11. Start looking for some news behind the headlines, and you will see that Sept. 11th was just the one that made us re-act. As long as it wasn`t on United States soil it was okay for the terriost to do their thing. Remember those Marines over in Africa? That ship that I can`t remember the name of. We should have put our foot down a long time ago and WTC would probably never have happened. Casey

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